Sometimes you need an easy way to get something big and heavy just down the street, or right across town. All of our vehicles are high roof, long wheelbase Toyota Hiace vans with a hoist capable of lifting up to 350kg. We’ve used our own vans for moving lots of our own things over the years, and we have a number of clients who use us for moving or delivering equipment.

From heavy and bulky printers and photocopiers, to lightweight but large metal frames, we can fit a surprising amount in. The hoist is especially useful for items with wheels or castors, or trolleys and barrows as they can be pushed straight on and raised into the van without any heavy lifting. The tie down rails and self tightening restraints make for a secure fit, ensuring no movement or damage can occur while travelling. We can even take you in the van with your item!

As we only charge our normal tariff for distance travelled (just like a taxi) plus a small hoist fee, it works out much cheaper and easier than hiring a trailer or getting a removal company. Also, you only have to give us a couple of hours notice!

  • Please be aware that we provide the transport only. Our driver will operate the hoist and assist with getting your item into and out of the van, however we do not provide any other lifting and carrying in and out of buildings.